Drain and Clean Service

California Spa Service and spa industry professionals recommend that a spa be drained and cleaned every 3 to 6 months. When was the last time your spa was drained and cleaned?

The Drain and Clean Service provides the following:

  • Drain the spa completely
  • Disinfect the Surfaces
  • Basic mark/stain removal
  • Cover cleaning and protection
  • Refill the spa
  • Shock and balance the chemicals
  • Balance the pH level

We do offer modifications to this service, including heavier duty cleaning, seasonal services, shut downs, and start ups. Please let us know what you need, and we will try to accommodate you as well as provide you with excellent recommendations as to what your spa may need.


After our Drain and Clean Service


Before our Drain and Clean Service

To find out how you can schedule an appointment for Drain and Clean Service from California Spa  Service click here for our contact information.


Service is the foundation of our company. Our professional repairs, installations, cleanings, maintenance, inspections and more provide you, our customer, with the BEST of all Spa & Home Resort Service.

When you think of using your spa, what do you think of? ¬†Crystal clean water, a relaxing and fun experience, enjoying the companionship of family and friends? That’s what we all want!! Have us clean and maintain your spa, and you’ll start enjoying it again…..Just call and we’ll be out….You’ll be enjoying your spa in now time.!!